Frequently Asked Questions

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What does "mt" mean?
"Mt"means "metric tonne", being 1000 kg.

What does "FCMP" mean?
"FCMP" means "full cream milk powder".

What does "SMP" mean?
"SMP" means "skimmed milk powder"

What does "BMP" mean?
"BMP" means "buttermilk powder"

What does "SWP" mean?
"SWP" means "sweet edible whey powder"

How many bags can you load per container?
In a 20' container you can load 16 mt (=640 bags of 25 kg) and in a 40' container you can load 25 mt (=1000 bags of 25 kg).

How to store milk powder?
Please store milk powder under cool, clean and dry conditions, not exposed to direct sunlight or strong odours and avoiding direct contact with walls and floors.