March 3


Regretfully there will always be cybercrime, because it is very difficult to trace & stop. Especially in times of crisis, they will try to profit from the chaos.
With this message, we would like to warn our customers and suppliers that cybercriminals might be active under our good name, trying to mislead you and trying to obtain the money you work hard for.

  • Always check the domain (e-mail address) & the identity of the sender carefully. Please contact us by telephone, if you have any doubts.
  • Do NOT accept variation in bank details while making payments. Alpha Group of Companies will never ask you to change bank details by a simple e-mail.
    We will also never send requests to you for an online payment (by means of a weblink). In case of any doubt/suspicion, verify and authenticate with us via telephone.

Always use your common sense and be careful.
Thanking you for your kind cooperation.

All the best from  Alpha Group

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